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The invasion in March 2003 was the beginning of an unusual war against a non-traditional enemy, and Folsom has to find his balance as an officer when dealing with both his superiors and the Marines under him while learning how to lead Marines in combat.Sand, stink, rain, lack of sanitation, fatigue, grime, and nerves are just some of issues with which he dealt even before he and his men even encountered the enemy.Except, of course, that the visions of equality summoned up in the titanic battles counted less on the ground of the emerging Gilded Age than the sudden spurt of wealth among the already wealthy.While some family members worked the farm in those hungry, depressed 1870s and after, others found their way, intermittently, into the resorts and cities and nearer roadside taverns, working the various trades.Many readers, especially his fellow officers will find much to critique in his rough and abrasive leadership style, and his dislike of the media is at odds with Marine Corps policy.But it is Folsom's same bluntness that lets him write so revealingly and perhaps these same readers can use his vignettes as an 'after-action report' in order to guide themselves in similar circumstances.Life grows somewhat more prosperous in the twentieth century.Farm folk even take vacations to far places, bringing back mementoes of a lifetime less exotic, more predictable.

The difference between them and Folsom is his frankness in discussing these concerns.

Hardly anyone will look as carefully and thoughtfully as Richard Quinney does at the lives of the ordinary farm folk whose biographies rarely if ever reach the pages of the New York Times. It makes for a valuable study in passages of modern culture.

War Memorials Clint Mc Cown Graywolf Press 2402 University Avenue, Suite 203, Saint Paul, MN, 55114 1555973124 .95 Desiree Parker Reviewer War Memorials by Clint Mc Cown brings to the forefront what it means to be a contemporary southern writer: revealing the poignancy of rural southern life in America with subtlety and heart.

22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166-2012 1574889885 .95 Andrew Lubin, Reviewer ago Marine artist Col Charles Waterhouse drew a cartoon of a grizzled Marine Gunny, complete with cigar, pulling on a Santa outfit as he prepares to entertain young children, as compared to his normal demeanor of an intimidating Gunny.

A Captain at the time, Folsom is a blunt and honest writer who discusses his fears and concerns of what he is about to encounter in Iraq.

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